Game of color

Hello Everyone!!!!

How you guys doing!!! i hope everyone is doing well. After soooooooo long I am writing this post as I was looking for the time to post something
Sorry guys.
So let start with the blog, lately i have been liking the Olive green colour.
If you guys follow me on Instagram @thestyleshe you must have seen my dress which was olive green. In this blog also i am wearing this Olive green
T-shirt with Black pant from @Lifestyle with this beautiful neck piece and paired it with heel (current love) from @ streetstylestore. Also
in this blog i am wearing chocolate brown lipstick (i guess) from Lakme Absolute.I generally don’t do any makeup as i am not good at that so
recently i have started wearing lipsticks and Liner and kajal of course :)!!!
You can pair this look with brown boots also as i wanted to make it lil Chick look so i choose heels.
Also the fun fact is this is men’s t shirt as i like or you can say prefer men T-shirt over girls T-shirt.
So this is it hope you guys like the blog.

Later i opened my hair.


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