Goa Diaries!!!!

DAY 1– Ashwem beach…………….

Hello Guys!!!,

I hope everyone is doing good……So First month is gone of 2017!!!!

There was lot of ups and down in the beginning of the month, work and all ufff.

But good thing is I made it to GOA in the end of month Phewwww!!! and it was fun Woohooo.

Initially I wasn’t ready cause ofΒ office and all but somehow I managed.. πŸ˜€

I went to Goa for 3 days trip so there gonna be a series of this POST.

Starting from the First DAY, So we reached GOA around 1:00 P.m and it was damn hot as compare to Bangalore. From the Panjim we went to Calangute. Then we got ready and headed towards Ashwem beach and the view was awesome. The crowd was decent there less of localites and more of foreigners. So coning to my look for that day…. I wore Shorts from ONLYΒ and a simple plain blue t-shirt which IΒ bought from commercial street(Bangalore) and a scarf. We sat at the beach for an hour and a half, we enjoyed the sea view and clicked lot of photos.













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