West-side story!!

Aloha  Guys!!.

How are you all????

Sorry!! It’s been  very long since I last blogged, as I was too busy with office work… Phewww!! Hope you guys were missing me

So, I am back with another blog  “west-side story“. #Old is gold.

There was a time when dhoti/harem pants were in trend and I thought of buying one at that time (around 2013) but couldn’t. But now again the trend has come.

So one day causally I visited west-side store and saw this dhoti/harem pants.

Firstly, I saw this in Forum West-side outlet but thought it is okay okay and won’t be that good so I left it.

But then after coming home i was thinking nai yaar!! I should have bought it as I always wanted to try this from very long.

So next day only I went to forum West side outlet and bought this awesome looking blue Dhoti/harem pants and cute/sexy orange printed crop top. Top has button up back which gives a diffrent look 🙂

so that’s all folks.

hope you’ll like it.

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Don’t forget to dress like you are already famous.

Bye see you soon. 🙂










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