Sarojini Nagar Haul :)

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is doing fine... Now people who follow me here and on Instagram ( @thestyleshe) must be knowing that I had quit my Job and was in Delhi for a month. I had never got a chance to visit SAROJINI NAGAR market since I was in Bangalore. I thought why not... Continue Reading →

I Quit…..

Hello Guys, So it has been a month and 10 days since I quit my job. Now the question is why??? So let me start with the beginning. It all started when I joined my last company on Feb 4th. I was excited as it was one of the best Beer company where you get... Continue Reading →

First Blog of 2019!!!

Hello Everyone!!!! Wish you guys a very happy New Year!!!!! I hope you guys are doing good. New post after a long time and what better time than the New Year. People who are reading it for the first time let me tell you, I write blogs about fashion, Travel and lifestyle. Before getting into... Continue Reading →

Styling with SHEIN!!!!

Hello All, I hope everyone is doing good!!!! This post is all about she-in clothes currently I am so obsessed with this site. They have such cool outfits. I bought one Denim jacket, a body suit and a bra-let and I am so happy with the purchase. I paired up my Bodysuit with denim with... Continue Reading →

Bangalore Fashion Week 2018

Hello All!!!! I am back with another post. This weekend was special cause I attended BANGALORE FASHION WEEK 2018. This was my very first Fashion show, I was so lucky and grateful to receive the invitation. Now those of you who don't know what it is, Let me explain you a little about BFW. BFW... Continue Reading →

Collaboration with Lensfeedy…

Hello All!!! So here it is !!!! My very first collaboration with the Lensfeedy. I had one more collaboration but that was very long back and the experience was very bad, as the photographer didn't give my photo till today. Which i found it to be very unprofessional. I don't why people are so???? what... Continue Reading →

Sunday Spent Well!!!!

Hello All, So one more sunday gone!!!! Gosh i hate when sunday gets over :(, Well i seriously need Monday as a national holiday. I like sunday till 12:00 P.M but after that when time passes by i really get upset. Well, this sunday eve, I decided to go to Cubbon park and found out... Continue Reading →

Back to basic with Levis!!!!!

Hello All, So finally i got my very first levis jeans, I know so many of you people would be thinking what's so unique. But for me its a big thing cause i have never worn a jeans from this brand although I've seen so many lovely ads and heard from people how comfortable they... Continue Reading →

Mix and Match

Hello All, Now every girl has a "what to wear Problem". We actually have so many clothes lying in our wardrobe but still we always has this situation where we'll be standing in front of our wardrobes and thinking what to wear. So this post is mixing and matching the different outfit together. I am... Continue Reading →

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