Back to basic with Levis!!!!!

Hello All, So finally i got my very first levis jeans, I know so many of you people would be thinking what's so unique. But for me its a big thing cause i have never worn a jeans from this brand although I've seen so many lovely ads and heard from people how comfortable they... Continue Reading →


Mix and Match

Hello All, Now every girl has a "what to wear Problem". We actually have so many clothes lying in our wardrobe but still we always has this situation where we'll be standing in front of our wardrobes and thinking what to wear. So this post is mixing and matching the different outfit together. I am... Continue Reading →

Fusion Swag!!!

Hello All, I am back after sooooooo long. I took a break and almost thought of dropping this whole blogging idea but than somehow I regained my interest and blogging make me happy, so i thought why not just continue ???? So here we go... Lets starts with the Post.... I am a big time... Continue Reading →

Goa Diaries!!!!

DAY 1- Ashwem beach................ Hello Guys!!!, I hope everyone is doing good......So First month is gone of 2017!!!! There was lot of ups and down in the beginning of the month, work and all ufff. But good thing is I made it to GOA in the end of month Phewwww!!! and it was fun Woohooo.... Continue Reading →

A small Road trip again to GEORGE EVEREST.

                                            “Let’s go to George Everest”, my brother said the other day. Hello All, Happy Holi to all!!! I know I am late to wish but what to do I was busy at home as I was on vacation for one week (Yay!!!) and spending my vacation at my home town DEHARDUN. So there is... Continue Reading →

lazy sunday!!!!!

Hello guys!!! I hope you all are doing good... Well weekend got over so sooon 😦 and i didn't go anywhere this weekend. Does this happen to you guys as well when  weekend starts you feel lazy and when it comes to an end you'll be like oh no i didn't do anything this wekeend ohhhh!!!.... Continue Reading →

Saturday Fever!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies, I am back with another post. Yeaaah!!!! I didn't post anything from very long sorry for that. Was quite busy with stuff like job, family and all!!! But its never too late to do anything right so here it is another post for Saturday. I am wearing a top from Pantaloons, skirt from... Continue Reading →

Life is “Shorts” wear it out :) :D

“Make it simple, but significant.” -Don Draper Hello All, How are you all?? :). I am back with another post yeaiii. Well, i guess you can make out like what this post is going to be all about!!!!!  If not then just let me reveal it :P. This post is about shorts!!!! wooohhooo!!!!. 😀 So, shorts are... Continue Reading →

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